The Downtown Lexington Partnership, formerly the Downtown Lexington Corporation, and the Lexington Downtown Development Authority merged to create the DLP.


"Promoting Downtown as a unique and vibrant place in Lexington for business, residential life & Entertainment"



DLP provides a strategically coordinated approach to Downtown revitalization and management and acts as the single point of contact and accountability.   Specifically, DLP works to create an economically powerful, vibrant Downtown by proactively and strategically working with our partners to:

  • Develop and improve Downtown.

  • Provide enhanced cleaning, beautification and safety services.

  • Market and promote Downtown and its businesses.

  • Address critical issues that affect the success of Downtown on behalf of our stakeholders and the regional community.


Create a vibrant, economically powerful urban core that is the premiere cultural, leisure, entertainment, dining, shopping, residential and corporate center of the Lexington community

Core Values

1. Be Results Driven and Accountable: Do More, Do It Better, Do It Now!

2. Be Passionate:  Work Hard, Play Hard; Celebrate the Victories-Large and Small!

3. Be Strategic, Proactive, and Creative: Think Outside the Box, Make a Positive Difference Every Day!

4. Be a Winner, Possess A Can-Do, Winning Attitude: Our First Answer is, Yes we can!

5. Be Servant Leaders:  Be of Value and Relevant. Collaborate, Partner, Problem Solve!