The Kentucky Star Awards
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Congratulations to the winners of the 2009 Kentucky Star Awards:


Silas House for Literary Arts, Everett McCorvey for Music, and William Preston Slusher for Performing Arts. 


About the Kentucky Star Awards

The Kentucky Star Award is an award given annually to people who have achieved significant artistic contributions.  All art disciplines are included: literary arts, visual arts, theatre & film, instrumental and vocal music and dance.  Nominees must have been born in Kentucky or resided in Kentucky for at least ten years.  

Nomination forms are submitted to the Downtown Lexington Corporation and the winners are selected by a panel of judges.  The nomination is permanent - once it has been submitted, it need not ever be resubmitted and will be considered each following year.  For a new nominee to be considered for the award, their nomination form must be received by February 1 of that year.

The Kentucky Star Awards Ceremony takes place in April of each year, as part of the Best of the Bluegrass celebration series of events. For more information about Best of the Bluegrass, visit

The recipients, their family members, their friends and the public are invited to attend the awards ceremony and reception that is held at a venue in downtown Lexington.  The awards ceremony includes acceptance speeches by the honorees or the person accepting the award on their behalf.  At the ceremony, the recipient is presented with a handsome inscribed crystal award.  

A bronze plaque is issued with the name and signature of each award recipient, along with a symbol of their artistic discipline, and embedded into the sidewalk in various locations of Downtown Lexington. Currently, the committee examining the sidewalk renovation project is planning to install an informational kiosk in Downtown Lexington to explain the history and artistic contribution of each person bearing a plaque.

If you would like to nominate someone to be recognized as a Kentucky Star, complete a nomination form and mail it to the Downtown Lexington Corporation office at P.O. Box 1179  Lexington, KY 40588-1179. 

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